Saturday, June 27, 2009


See what I found in my kitchen when I got up this morning?

My sweet husband had gone for a walk in the field and picked a bucket-full of wildflowers for me!

Isn't he wonderful?

(Aside: I do have to admit that this is the first time he's gotten me flowers since before we were married... So that was what... seven years ago? But that makes it even more special, right? Rrrrright?)

Not that my floral arrangement (or floral photography) skills are much to speak of, but hey... I have flowers in my kitchen!


  1. How dare he! You realize this does nothing but accentuate the fact that I can probably count on on hand the number of times I have done the same. If this gets out, I'm blaming it all on him.

  2. very sweet. that deserves a kiss

  3. Martin-- HAHAHAHA! That cracked me up.