Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Food

I like to make my sweet husband special food. You know, "the way to a man's heart" and all that. Just keepin' the pathway open... Yeah. Anyway, I've very fortunate to have a man who likes everything I make and is more than happy to eat all my experiments.

So for Father's Day yesterday, I decided to try my good basic white sourdough as a pizza crust. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I just never think ahead enough to get the dough going. But this time, I actually thought to feed the starter on Saturday and then I got up a little earlier Sunday morning and mixed dough so that it could be rising while we were at church. After church, I stretched it onto my pizza stones and let it rise all afternoon.

It was a little thicker than necessary, but I was so pleased with the bubbly dough!

I folded the edges over and brushed on some olive oil with salt and garlic powder for a crispy garlic flavored crust. Like "Hungry Howies" but waaaay better.

Add some homemade sauce...

Plenty of cheese...

Piles of toppings...

And end up with "yum".


I really have a fondness for good, pizzeria pizza. It mainly revolves around the crust. It has to be bubbly and chewy and crispy-- artisan style. So I have a goal to be able to make crust like that. I came pretty close with this pizza. I figured out a few things that I need to try to improve, but, well, that just means I need more practice, right? Oh, darn... Practice pizza. How sad. I'll just have to make more...

I love practicing yummy food.

Nathan loves practice food, too.

For desert, I went out to the berry patch and picked a bucketful of fresh strawberries and made them into a pie. I had some trouble with the crust because it was a warm day and I didn't let it chill long enough before rolling it out because I didn't start it early enough because Nathan was taking a nap so I didn't want to run the food processor and I didn't want to do it by hand because I'm lazy.

So there. Lazy pie.

I know how to make a good pie. My mama taught me well. But she didn't quite get the laziness out of me, evidently. At least I know what I did wrong...

It was still pretty darned yummy. Especially with a pile of fresh whipped cream.

It was even better for breakfast. Is it horrible of me to eat strawberry pie for breakfast?

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