Thursday, May 7, 2009


My Mom makes pots. Beautiful pots and useful, too. She's been doing it as long as I can remember and her work is always improving. I love her pottery. (Though I've never had any desire to make pottery myself. I remember once when I was very little she told me in her studio one day, "You don't have to feel like you should do what I do. You can do what you want to do. You should always pick what you like." I was actually relieved!) Every time I visit my family, I raid Mom's studio for seconds or things that have sat on the shelf too long. I have a pretty decent collection of things that Mom thinks are horrid. I love having dishes that are so unique and earthy and handmade.

All this to say that she's actually giving away a lovely piece of pottery on her blog! Go check it out at this link and enter to win!

ETA: Oh, and I just noticed that the contest is actually ending tomorrow at noon! I should have posted this sooner! If you want to enter-- hurry!

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