Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend-- Making Memories

We live so far from all of our family that we eat up every minute we get to spend with any of them. Nathan's parents faithfully make the loooong drive here from Minnesota twice a year-- for Thanksgiving and Memorial weekend.

We sadly waved goodbye this morning, but we had such a great time with them! We didn't really do anything special --a couple of errands and a little garden planting were the only activities-- but we mainly spent the whole time just hanging out and visiting. When we only see them twice a year there's a lot of catching up to do!

Jonah gratefully absorbs all the extra love and attention he gets from his Oma and Opa.

Oma ever-so-patiently helped him plant some corn in the garden yesterday afternoon.

And believe me, it took a lot of patience. She had to keep redirecting his attention back to the task at hand-- "Put down a seed. Now move the stick. Move the stick! There you go. Now another seed..." On and on through two rows.

That, my friends, is what Grandmas are for. I'm pretty sure.

In general, however, Opa is the man of the hour.

Jonah pretty much spent every waking minute "pestering and tormenting" his Opa.

Opa loves to be pestered and tormented.


  1. No matter what we do, the grandpa is always the favorite. so you are of German descent?

    Glad you all had a great time, family is everything.

  2. Um, I am mostly German. My husband is... um... Norwegian? I think.

    We picked "Oma and Opa" and "Grandma and Grandpa" for the separate sets of grandparents to help Jonah differentiate them since we live far away.

  3. Norwegian?! What? Since when are we Norwegian?

  4. I can hear Nathan doing his best Swedish Chef impersonation right now. I know- not Norwegian, but that's what I think of when I think about Scandinavia.

  5. Rachel-- okay, so I had Norwegian stuck in my head because Nathan had said that your Mom said. Her family is "Germanized Norwegian" or something like that. So I guess you're mostly German, but I was thinking Norwegian.

  6. They must be Norwegian. They are all pig headed and stubborn, LOL, Aren't anonymous posts wonderful!!!