Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nail Pulling

Nathan has been pulling nails from some wood that he salvaged from a deck. He's planning to build me a goat fence. As often as he's able and the sun is shining, he goes out to work on the pile of boards. Jonah takes his little hammer and works on the pile of boards, too. To his Daddy, this work is pulling nails. For Jonah, it's "Me and Daddy are buildin' a house! Bye, Mom! Gotta go work on the house!"


  1. Cute, maybe they will build you a house instead. :) They better get crackin if that's to be your mother's day gift.

  2. That is a lot of wood! Don't you need a little deck some where? I love to see little boys with their Dad's.

  3. Well, we have one deck and materials for another off of the kitchen. There should be enough wood there for a decent goat pasture, since we can't afford to buy wire.