Saturday, February 21, 2009

Movie Picnic!

A couple of days ago, my sister was telling me what a fun movie Wall-E was. And a couple hours after that, Nathan called on his way home and asked if I wanted a movie. We pretty much never get to rent movies because we don't go to town often enough to be able to return them (I bet we're their faaaavorite customers what with the late fees we've racked up...). So we just... don't. I know, I know... Netflix. And I would love it. But I haven't talked Nathan into committing to that. It's just one more thing to pay for, and we're trying to avoid that.

So it's a pretty special treat to get to rent a movie!

We made a plan-- Friday night, family movie picnic!

Now, if you've never had a movie picnic with a (tv deprived) little kid, you're missing out!

We talked about and looked forward to it all day, Jonah and me. We made a finger-food menu:

Deviled eggs--

Those silly little pickle-wrapped-in-cream-cheese-and-ham thingies--

(Totally silly and kid-foodish, I know. Glam, baby.)

Some super yummy Chewy Chocolate Ginger Cookies--

And of course-- a big bowl of popcorn.

Jonah requested lemonade and I cut up some carrot sticks.

We spread a "picnic blanket"...

...popped in the movie, and had some fun!

I guess there are lots of families out there who eat in front of the TV. We never do, but it sure makes a fun treat once in a while.

Jonah giggled and laughed all the way through. He was delighted! Actually, all three of us laughed all the way through! It was the perfect family movie, I have to say. Totally clean, cute and silly while still being "deep" enough for adults. It had enough of the Sci-Fi element for Nathan to enjoy.

And today? All Jonah can talk about is robots.


  1. See? I told you! You should listen to me a bit more often :P

  2. Your blog is the best one I read. Every day, I think that to myself when I read it.
    Way better than mine, but that's not so tough to do!

  3. As you know, we do this with pizza. Sheet on the floor so the kids can eat in the living room.