Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Every Good Superhero Needs a CAPE (edited)

Dress up is a big deal for a certain going-on-4-year-old boy around here.

His Daddy was just a little distressed to find this boy in princess dresses at a friend's house a week or so ago...

So Mommy made him a cape.

Combine that with "gahgoes" and a "space helmet" and a little boy has all he needs to become a "superman."

And this cape contains real flying power! From the arm of the couch to the floor... from the arm of the couch to the floor, from the arm... you get the idea.


When Daddy got home, much hilarity ensued.


  1. Brilliant, fantastically brilliant!

    He needs to fly over to Auntie Lyssa's house and save her from the evil monster of boredom!

  2. So wait a second- clear this up for me. He flies from the arm of the couch to where, now?

  3. Bwah-ha. Cape and goggles make daddy rest easier than princess dresses, do they? And cape or dress is exactly the same thing to the boy, so everyone's happy.

  4. Just found your blog...... Interesting.....I’ll be back to read more.