Monday, April 7, 2008


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(This is way fun!)

Yesh, it is finally spring here! Spring takes so long to get started in this neck of the woods. But now, it's just glorious! 60's and sun! Wahoo! It's been a loooong winter, folks.

I can hardly tell that I even have a small child in my house. Well, technically, I don't. He's been outside non-stop (I think he spent two solid hours digging in some sand from a broken sandbag), until starvation drove him in around 3:30. He ate, and I decided he should have some quiet time. He hardly protested-- just went up the stairs and crashed in his bed where he is now sound asleep! (amazing!)

I went out and planted my cool weather veggies. Peas, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, broccoli, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi and radishes. And I had helpers. Plural. An almost-three-year-0ld (child) and several curious chickens. These chickens are too friendly. One of our Amish neighbors said that they just want to lay their eggs right in your hand. They get really excited when I dig in the garden. They have to be right in there pecking up all the grubs and worms that I unearth. They peck and scratch right by my hand, and if I push them away, or pick them up and toss them, they're like boomerang-chickens-- immediately reappearing where I'm working. "Hey... what's that? peck peck Yum! Worms. peck What's in your hand? peck Seeds? Got food? peck peck peck Mine! peck More? peck peck Lemme taste it! Dirt, worms! peck peck peck... Quit tossing me! peck I wanna eat! peck peck" I had already planned to cover everything with chicken wire so they (hopefully) won't scratch up all my seeds, but I could hardly get the seed in the ground before the chickens started scratching. Very determined birds, they are. And hungry.

Every spring, my Dad's silly rhyme always comes back to me:

Spring is sprung
The grass is riz
I wonder how
My spark plug is?
I never really got that. Every time he said it (frequently in spring) I said, "huh?" But it's forever burned into my memory, and I'll probably be doomed to repeat it almost daily every spring myself.

So, I have about 47 hours remaining until my flight to Oregon. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Yeah. I get so nervous about flying! I've done it kazillions of times, but I still get this terrible anxiety for about two days before until about the time my first flight takes off. Only then does it subside a little. The number of things that could go wrong is ENORMOUS. That's my issue. Most likely, it will be completely fine. And I just keep praying about it. That really does help. Meanwhile, I just keep tying up loose ends... I baked more bread and cookies to put in the freezer for my dear husband, and I'm washing every stitch of laundry. Tonight, after Nathan gets off work, we can record hymns. Tomorrow, it's packingpackingpacking. Wednesday-- take off. I've got some fun stuff for Jonah to do on the airplane, and I need to download a fun movie to my laptop that we can watch (if I can summon up enough battery juice). However, when I talk to Jonah about flying on an airplane, he says, "No, I not go on a airplane. It's too scary. I stay here." Hrm.

Oh, and I'm told that it's not very spring-y in Oregon now. That's just not okay. It finally warms up here and then I'm supposed to go back to winter? I think not. But I'm packing sweaters.


  1. Eagerly awaiting your arrivalApril 7, 2008 at 7:48 PM

    What you must do, my dear sister, is bring spring with you. pack it up in a bag and set it loose once you get here. AND DON'T BRING SWEATERS!!! That will just reverse it. Knock on wood!

  2. I have heard (a number of times today from several very hopeful though shivering people) that it is going to warm up to the 70's by the weekend for a ten day period....YAHOO

    Bought flowers for the window boxes as a show of confidence!