Saturday, April 5, 2008


I just finished this project that I've been working on for two days:

I used this very cute pattern and I followed it very carefully (Except for the part about using material from an old felted wool sweater. I don't wear wool, so I don't have any of those around). It's a little gift for my friend's baby who is being baptized tomorrow morning and we are the baby's sponsors. So the idea for this was, you know... Jesus' Little Lamb...

...Except it kinda looks more like a deer or goat than a lamb...

And I'm a little concerned about that face... It doesn't quite look as benign as a newborn lamb's should... Also the "monkness" of the little head. I do like the leggy little body, though. Very realistic.

I thought the two different soft, fuzzy fabrics were a clever idea on my part, but I didn't quite get the effect I wanted.

But still, it was my first attempt at a stuffed animal, and I think it'll do. It had better, or else I'll be the lame, giftless godmother... Thought that counts, right?

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