Friday, April 11, 2008


Okay, so I know my posting has been a bit light. I was kinda busy packing and traveling, and now I've been kinda tired... I think we're mostly adjusted now. We both slept until 7:00 this morning, and that's just about perfect.

And I have another hitch to my posting ability... my laptop doesn't seem to have survived the trip. (Thus I can't get my digital pictures off my camera and into Gimp...) ARG! I've been mourning that ever since I hit the power button and nothing happened. I was really careful not to let it bump around on the trip... I don't know what happened to it! Dad has a computer guy who owes him work and he was supposed to come work on Dad's and Neal's computers, but so far has not showed up. I'm really praying he can find out what's wrong with my laptop (if/when he finally comes) and that it's easy to fix. Maybe some sort of loose connection or something? (But I know that laptops are a different animal from desktops... so I hope this guy is good) Laptops shouldn't be this delicate. They need to be able to go places. And I've taken it places before. I do have hope, since it once healed itself of a screen-inverter problem, so maybe all it needs is a little rest and chicken soup. Anyway, I'm praying hard, cuz I'm a little attached to it...

Anyway, the flight went well. It was actually the easiest trip I've had since Jonah was born. Here's the real shocker: he actually --oh, I can hardly even say it-- slept... for nearly the whole second flight. That is a first, people. He hasn't ever slept on an airplane. Not even when I flew with him when he was two months old. Never. Cry, yes. Howl, yes. Whine, absolutely. Sleep? No way. But he's older now and maybe wiser, too. He played a lot and whined a little on the first flight (I packed him his own back-pack with all kinds of surprises in it and he did have fun. Only a few times did he say, "I wanna get off now"). On the second flight, I put headphones on him and turned the DirecTV preveiw to Animal Planet. I figured that when the preview time ended, I would turn on the movie that I had on my laptop (little did I know at the time that my laptop would not have obliged). When the preview ended, I looked over at him and he was out! I took his belt off and laid him down with his head in my lap. And, get this-- I read a book. I can't remember the last time I read a book on an airplane. Wait... scratch that... I can't remember the last time I read a book. Yeah, that's more like it. But I actually got three-quarters of the way through a short Taylor Caldwell novel --novel!-- that I had brought along. When we started to land, I had to sit him up and put his belt on. He was not happy about this arrangement. He kept up a steady lament-- "WAAAAHH Idonwannabelton!...Idonwannabelton..." all the way down, but that was as bad as it got.

So praise God we got here in one piece and we've got lots of fun things planned. Hopefully, there are picture posts to come...

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