Monday, March 17, 2008


I thieved these pictures from my sister's MySpace page. They've been having new baby goats all over the place around there. I love new kids. They're just so stinkin' cute!

Oh, he makes me want goats again! I just wanna snuggle and squeeze him and love him forever and ever! Sigh. We can't afford to feed them at this point, but someday...

And this one made me spit milk out of my nose:

Okay, not quite on the milk. It was a figure of speech. I laughed, anyway. A lot.

On another note, last night we booked plane tickets for me and Jonah to fly out and visit family and friends in Oregon. Yay! It's been a year since we were last there. I woke up this morning with a panic attach about it, but I'll get over it. It'll be fun. Once we get past the airplane ride. Not that I'm afraid of it crashing or terrorists or anything. No, fear is not involved, only claustrophobia and boredom. There's just something about spending six hours in a sardine can with 250 other people and a small, whiny child that's really not appealing to me. But it'll be worth it and we made it a long trip to make up for the travel time and expense.

My silly sister made the mistake of prematurely mentioning this trip to Jonah on the phone.

All day, all I've heard is "I wanna airplane riiiiiiiide! I wanna airplane riiiiiiiiide! I wannaaaaaaa airplane ride! I wanna aaaaaaairplane ride! I wanna airplane ride! I wanna airplane ride! I wanna airplane ride! I wanna airplane ride! I wanna airplane riiiiiiiiide! I wanna airplane ride! I wanna airplane ride! I wanna airplane ride! I wanna..."

Obviously, he and I are of two different minds on this subject. But I also know that the novelty wears off quickly. Like in the first 3.86 minutes after boarding the aircraft. Leaving me with approximately 528.14 of toddler thumb-twiddling.

I think the investment of a new battery for my laptop might be a worthy one. I could load it up with Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train and experience relative peace.

As I type this, I have a mosquito buzzing around my head. "Wait... wha?" you say? Yeah, I know. I do live in the northern hemisphere and it is March. And 30 degrees outside. Phoo. The buzzards were horrid last year and they never went away! They've been lurking under our house and appearing periodically to mystify and annoy us all winter. Winter, people. Now that we open the kitchen frequently, they can come in more easily. It's flinkin' WINTER! Hello? Winter. Ugh. What else can I say?


  1. What a good girl am I! I get to have a fun understandable conversation with my nephew for the price of you getting bugged for days and days. What a good deal :)

    Love what you did with the bunny kisses picture. It was funny because I was out taking pictures today and I went to look at Poppy and the bunny was there licking her face. Glad I had a camera with me.

  2. Ugh... I get to miss Katie and Jonah. Just change your ticket to Zurich... it's like Oregon, but better