Saturday, March 29, 2008

As Promised...

So... I promised a family picture today... What I failed to mention is how much it sucks...

Here's the SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot:


I can't even begin to list what's wrong with this photo.

Every Christmas Eve after the church service, I have someone take some family shots of us using my camera. The person who usually does it (and knows how to take a decent photograph) had to leave right away this time, so I asked another friend. I set the camera up and described what I wanted and the basics of taking a picture with my Minolta Maxxum 4 SLR. Now, an SLR takes you at your word. Whatever you tell it, that's what it does. No adjustments. My poor friend didn't know she was telling it to focus on the background instead of the foreground. But I did mention something about filling the frame with the subject... I had her take four, and they're all pretty much the same. Sigh.

Here it is after some pretty heavy Gimping:

Still sucks (doesn't help that it's a flash picture. I despise flash pictures), but at least it doesn't quite make me want to poke out my eyes. Prolly won't frame it... but do I ever? Oh well, at least I have something.

(Excuse the grainy pixelation--it's Blogger's fault)


  1. You guys look great!

    And Grandma M was saying today that she wants a framed picture of Jonah and you guys. Looks like a good one to me!

  2. Hmmmm .... all of that complicated stuph about an SLR camera. I guess we need to save up some money to get y'all a digital camera. Auto focus, auto everything! hehehe