Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm so uninspired today. I had to really think... Hm... What can I post today? Nothing's coming to me. Odd. Well, what have I done today? Where have I gone? What's new? Nothing. I've been making food all day, it seems. I'm trying to prepare for my trip to Oregon in a couple of weeks. As a decent wife, I should leave my husband food. (Not that he'll eat most of it... I don't know what he lives on when I'm gone. Seems like I come home and most of the food is still in the freezer. I think he reverts to his bachelor-mooching skills. But still. I'm trying to make up for abandoning him for three weeks.) So I'm cooking. Today, and tomorrow, and then I think I'll have it mostly done. Leaving the rest of my time here for painting my kitchen (!) and recording beau coup hymns for church services while I'm gone.

So, here, I'll share my beans:

Exciting, no?

Aiee. I need to get out more.

All right. How 'bout this? Here's something that still makes me laugh every time I look at it. I always keep my eye out for glass gallon jars. They're hard to come by, and very useful. I buy raw milk, so gallon jars work well for that. Also, I buy lots of food in bulk, and a gallon jar is the perfect size for storing so many things. Like those red lentils that seemed like a great idea at the time, but a gallon jar seems to still be storing them, two years later.

Last summer, at a garage sale, I found this cute jar:

Of course, I use it for --what else?-- goat milk.

Isn't it great? Idyllic cows, peacfully grazing the sparse grass on the side of a jar. I'm not at all into country kitsch, but this! This is irresistible. Especially when you turn it and look at the other side:

What's up with that? I have to say, though, I can relate. I currently have my calf in my lap, trying to get my attention, begging for a bandaid for an "owie" that I can't even see and thus can't kiss correctly ("No! Right here! On the blood!") and also insisting that I should catch the blood-sucking ladybug on the window and Iwannawatchamooooovie. I'm afraid I look just like that momma-cow sometimes. I can just hear her: "I'm busy right this minute! Can't you wait another 17 1/2 seconds? Stop asking!"

BONUS: Just for sticking with me 'till the end of today's dose of drivel, I'll give you a hint of what's coming up for tomorrow! Nathan finally got my laptop on speaking terms with my scanner, so I can actually scan photos from my film camera! Not that I'm saying they're any good, either, but, well, I'm excited about it. Then I was deflated to find that he installed photo-printing software, but all I want is to scan and store them on my hard drive... Then my balloon re-inflated as I discovered that the GIMP can get pictures from my scanner! Yay for GIMP!! So, tomorrow: family photos from Christmas!


  1. Don't be so critical of yourself- that was great. I can't believe I'm not going to hang out with Donah in Oregon...

  2. Zee tired camper.March 30, 2008 at 4:29 PM

    I will now teach you a new song from camp....

    Gimme a long M. EEEEEMMMMMMM!!!
    Gimme a short M. EM!
    Don't want no pop, no pop *pop motion with finger each time* Don't want no tea, no tea. *drinking tea motion each time* just gimme some milk! (now, get a buddy and make you fingers into what looks like an udder and the other person milks ya) Moo moo moo, I want some milk, (switch so you milk the other person) Moo moo moo.
    Gimme a long I. EEEEEEEYYEEEEEEE!!!!
    Gimme a short I. EYE!
    Don't want no pop, no pop. Don't want no tea, no tea, just gimme some milk. Moo moo moo. I want some milk, moo moo moo.
    Gimme a long L. EEEEELLLLLLLL!!!!!
    Gimme a short L. EL!
    Repeat chorus.
    Gimme a long K. KAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!
    Gimme a short K. KAY!
    Repeat chorus.
    Gimme a long Milk. CHOOOOCCOOLLAATEEE!!!!
    Gimme a short milk. SOY!!!
    Repeat chorus.