Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snowman Snow

For Christmas, my Grandma gave Jonah a bag of snowman parts.

Wow, just sounds so funny to me.  I snicker every time I say it.  "Snowman parts."  Hee!  It sounds like something you'd get on the black market or something, like "tiger parts" in China.  Hahaha!

Eh-hem.  Anyway.

So snowman parts.  They're various wooden features on dowels that you use when building a snowman in place of the traditional carrots and rocks.

Trouble is, we don't often get snowman snow.  It's usually very cold and dry and blowing all over, not wet and packy..  But the other day we had a brief warm-up in which the lastest bath of cold snow started to melt.  The window for good snow was all of one afternoon, so Nathan and Jonah had to work fast to try out those snowman parts (hahaha!  "Snowman parts!").

I think they had some fun with this project.

Jonah even made a pet for the snowman.

And then, that very night, thunderstorms (yes, actually) rolled in and the snowman and snowpet were nothing but soggy heaps of slush and jumbles of snowman parts.  *I* thought this would be a funny ending for my blog post about the snowman, so I was going to take pictures of the tragic snowman downfall.  Jonah, however, was so horrified by this idea that he made a special point of heading outside to pick up the parts (without being told!) before I got a chance to go out with the camera. 

Motivation, as with humor, comes in strange packages.


  1. ha ha ha ha Katie that is so funny.poor you, we have awesome snowman snow here but its all melting.

  2. bwa ha! Snow man parts!

    Good one!