Monday, January 9, 2012

Bread Bug

I've been bitten by the bread bug.  Again.  After months and months of coasting along with the same ol' everyday bread, I'm just itching to try some fun new things to feed my wheat addiction.  The photo above is an attempt at stenciling on my bread.  Obviously, I needs some actual stencils.  Not sure I could sell the Jonah-handprint loaf to any discerning customer.  (As for selling, I'm only opening a bakery in my head.  Don't worry.)  But it's a fun idea and I will probably play with that a little more!

Yesterday I mixed up a batch of Chocolate Cinnamon Rye.  I was drooling just reading the recipe.  I dreamed of it all night while the loaves retarded in the fridge.  Today I baked them and... so utterly disappointing.  After all that anticipation, it was a total flop.  No rise to speak of.  I'm not really sure why.

So tonight?  Bread pudding!  That is what I do with bread flops.  I will make it into bread pudding, and behold, it will probably not be Very Good* either, but I shall call it Breakfast.   Ah-ha!  You thought it was Dessert, didn't you?  Not so, says I.  Eggs + milk + grains = breakfast.  And this is even better because it even involves coffee AND chocolate.  Just realized it is somewhat lacking in butter.  I will find a way to remedy that.  Sugar?  Yeah, so what.  Some days are like that.

Come have breakfast at my house!  Everything in one dish, and only the Good Stuff.

So I've not had the greatest start with my Baking of Fabulous Things.  Oh well.  I see wonderful bread in my future...

*Good Bread Pudding requires the use of Good Bread.  Betcha didn't know that, didja?  Yeah.  Trade secret.


  1. I BELIEVE your trade secret. I am not a bread pudding fan... but actually the only bread pudding I have ever eaten was made out of our overflowing supply of brat buns... they had been frozen and gone slightly stale by the time we did some of our more experimental recipes. :P Did I ever tell you about the cinnamon rolls Mom and Dad made us that year? ;)

  2. Oh! I would buy the handprint bread! So sweet!
    And I wish I could come for breakfast. Bread pudding is my favorite! Do y'all do bourbon bread pudding, or is that just a southern thing?

  3. Oh Katie, I would buy your bread any day, I'm so busy, its been way too long since I've had a chance to make bread.

  4. It looks gorgeous you sure can't tell it's a flop. I love bread pudding. How does rye taste with chocolate? I bet the rye made it heavy. i never used all rye but just some rye starter. NONE of my bread ever looked as spectacular as yours. Then my starter rotted when I was injured and so goes life.
    i sure wish I could come for breakfast it sounds great. Do you make good strong coffee?