Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photo Bits

I posted this picture of Andrew on Facebook yesterday. 

I just thought he looks so adorable with those big, giant eyes and the way he's biting his lip in a funny little way.

Then I looked back at the picture later and realized that his lip just looks sort of deformed and someone who didn't know better might think he has some weird birth defect.

I really liked this shot, but was very disappointed that it has quite a bit of motion blur because his little head was bobbling around as I was taking pictures of him.

But it's a cute shot anyway.

Then there's this guy.

This little guy who is nearly impossible to photograph because he is in a constant state of motion blur.

This little guy who just destroys the house over and over all day.

I had my back to him for a few minutes today and turned around to find him covered in flour and spots of green food coloring.  The bottle of blue food coloring is completely missing, most likely buried in the flour bucket.

Later I left the kitchen for two minutes and came back to find him cramming cookies in his mouth.  Granted, the cookies were near the edge of the counter, but I didn't know he could reach that high!

Twenty-foot arms, my Dad would say.

I attempted a photo session with all three boys the other day.

Nathan worked doggedly and tirelessly as baby wrangler.

We played, coerced, begged,  bribed with treats.

I probably took fifty shots and not one of them is even remotely usable.

So much for that.

Someday... someday I'll get a nice photo of them all together.  But it might be another twenty years.


  1. This is hilarious. And adorable. Love these photos. Please post more just like them every. single. day.
    Great hair cut Jonah!
    Evan! Such a rascal!
    Andrew. Bring him here. Now.
    Love and miss you guys.

  2. Every one of these photos is perfect in its own way! What matters is the subject matter!