Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'll Be Thankful if They Don't Cry the Whole Trip...

I should really do a post about all that I am thankful for, this being Thanksgiving and all.  But alas, I don't have time right now for more than a quick update and a couple cute photos...  Just know that I am.. Thankful.  I am very thankful for a lot of things, and I'm thinking about it all, but not enumerating them right here right now.

I am busy because we are planning to bundle our munchkins out of bed at approximately half past insanity in the morning (middle of the night, rather) and drive to Minnesota to visit Nathan's parents and his brother's family.  We will have our Thanksgiving Day with them on Sunday.  I've been baking and cooking and doing laundry like a maniac.  Today I still have piles of packing to do, and we're planning to have the van loaded by bedtime and AAAACK and we'll all get to bed at a decent time and leave very early and the boys will all sleep soundly until the other side of Chicago and you know what they say about plans, best-laid or otherwise.

I do enjoy roadtrips.  I've been on lots of them!   However I am now finding that being responsible for packing up five (!) people and being the main provider of food and entertainment of said people for the trip can be... exhausting.  Makes the fun a little harder to find.  Jonah has been crying about how this is the "worst time of my life, hmph!" and I try to put on a happy face instead of sending him to the basement and I tell him how much fun! this! will!  be!  and I try to believe it.

So, we're off!  (I first type "oof".  Yes, that too.)  And I will leave you with a little bit of gratuitous cuteness:

Nathan wrapped Andrew up like this and I thought he looked like one of the scary little glow-worm dolls, but way cuter.

 Not sure which is worse; looking like a  glow-worm, or Curious George:

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