Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Bit o' This 'n' That

My current mission in life:  bannish every speck of dust from my house.

Because it's bugging me.

Especially upstairs. Wow, that gets away from me fast!

Really, it does. It has nothing to do with how often I actually clean up there, I'm sure of it. I like to think that there is some sort of inversion vortex in my house that no matter how often I clean something, it will still be worse than seems reasonable when I go to do it again.

Evan:  will eat every thing in sight.  If you're eating something, it doesn't matter what it is, he'll have some too, thanks.

I think he's actually growing and gaining some weight again, yay!  Finally getting into a forward-facing carseat, too, just in time for his seat to be passed on to the newest member of the family.

Why can't I take a nap?  I should be allowed to take a nap.  Every day.  For two hours.  Or one.  At least.

Some days I just can't fall asleep when the opportunity presents itself.  Some days there is no opportunity.  And some days, there is a perfect opportunity, and I fall asleep easily, and I really need it, and it feels really good, and then those are invariably the days when Evan only takes a short nap and wakes up as soon as I fall asleep.  If he's happy in his bed and not crying, I ignore him for a little while (is that horrible?  Oh well, it's necessary).  But it doesn't make for a very good nap on my part and... grrr.  It just isn't fair.

I don't ever get enough sleep at night now, even though I don't have to get up with Evan any more or anything, because, well, the apartment complex attached to my front makes continuous sleep, um, challenging.

I was talking with a friend of mine today who has six young children, and she was saying how she needs to put away summer clothes and get out winter clothes soon, and what a daunting task it is.  Wow.  Yeah.  No kidding.  I was feeling overwhelmed at the idea of doing that for my TWO and getting out baby clothes (Really?  Really?!?) as well.  But now I can comfort myself by saying, well.   Well, I'm not doing it for six.

There is a mangled, dead rabbit on my front porch.  Some days I wish the cats would just stick to catching mice.  They disappear a little more neatly.  And why do they feel the need to bring their prey to the porch?  Yick.  This rabbit, though.  Ugh.  The cats and chickens have been taking turns with it.  So.  Not only is my porch a mess of rabbit, there's also the chicken poop.

Sorry, is this kind of a gross topic?

Hm.  Hope you weren't enjoying lunch while catching up on my blog or anything.

It's my life, what can I say?

I am not ready to have this baby, but I am starting to feel so. done. with pregnancy.  I'm huge.  I'm uncomfortable.  And I just don't understand people who get all glowey and gooey and effusive about being pregnant.  Yes, it's amazing, miraculous, special, etc., etc., etc., but somehow I want to serve an eviction notice.  (Not too soon!  Don't get me wrong!)  I think I mainly miss having energy (and, um, mobility, but anyway).  I remember back in the beginning of January, I suddenly realized that I had all! this! energy!  and it was soooo nice!  It had been so long since I'd felt so energetic.  I could be busy all day and not falling down by the end of it!  How I had missed this!  It was wonderful.  Evan was gong on six months old, and it was about time!  And then, two weeks later, I found myself wondering why I was soooo tired.  Was my thyroid not working?  Cuz I was really tired.  And where did all that energy go?  What was wrong with me?

So I spent the next six weeks wondering that until I finally woke up to what should have been obvious all along.  Another little tenant had taken up residence.

Now that I've spent most of the last two years pregnant, I am very, very, very excited about getting some energy back (even though it's still months off, it's in sight!).

And yeah, I'm excited to meet the newest member of this family.  Watching Evan become his own little person, and all the silly things he finds to do definitely makes me look forward to another little unique personality to get acquainted with.

I know that life will change an awful lot, and I'm trying to enjoy my last quiet evenings when I can just put the kids in bed, and they just go to sleep with no fuss, and I'm not falling into bed hoping for a few hours of consecutive sleep.  Rather, I have a little time to enjoy the quiet.  And in the mornings, Evan can snuggle in bed with me and have me all to himself, for just a little while longer.  All that is going to change (and for now I'll try to just enjoy where we are), but I'm okay with that.  I'll be happy to find our new normal.

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