Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Redux

I have been intending to post some pictures from our Christmas. And now here it is, New Year's Eve, and I haven't posted them. But better late than never, right? So here they are.

But first, breaking news:

We now have tickets to fly to Oregon and visit family in three weeks! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!! And Nathan's going, too! Yay! Am very excited. However, there is much to do to get ready, of course. We have, as always, the problem of keeping the house warm and animals cared for while we're gone. That's the problem with wood heat and goats to milk-- you can't leave them. So there's that to figure out. And then there's the fact that our flight leaves at 6:20 in the morning (ack!) from an airport that is almost 2 hours away (double ack!) in the middle of winter (triple... you get the idea). I'm looking into park-sleep-fly hotel options since we'll have to park the van anyway, maybe we can stay at a hotel and leave the van there for the week for about the same price... we'll see. Also, I'm trying not to think about the whole security theater thing... Aiee.

But we're going! And it will be great!

And now. Christmas.

Evan's first, no less. He probably ate his weight in wrapping paper.

The presents tasted good, too, evidently.

Christmas is just so fun with kids.
It's still a relatively new dimension for me, and I love it.

Jonah was so excited about everything he opened,
even when all he could see was the box.

...or even if he was opening Evan's present.

...which he was happy to do for his dear brother.

Evan didn't mind. It's easier to eat the paper if it isn't on a present.

Just you try and tell me that these are not just
the cutest brothers ever, ever, ever.

I pretty much wouldn't believe you even if you did try.

This has very little to do with Christmas, other than all the driving we did.
But I just had to show you this funny guy. He looked like that pretty much
the whole 2 hour drive to Indiana on Sunday.

He's kind of a weird kid.

Jonah has been enjoying his fun new things...

...but Evan seems to have a need to sleep it all off.

So do I, for that matter. And I'm not getting much opportunity. Evan is still having a lot of trouble with is neck and every time he gets an adjustment, it doesn't stay in more than three days. For a few days after an adjustment, he'll sleep nice long stretches, just like a normal 6 month old, but on the third day the bliss ends and it's business as usual. So yeah, he gets plenty of sleep, but it's in short spurts, often with some hefty crying fits at night.

So I'm still tired. Endlessly tired.

Maybe I need a superhero cape. Then I would have energy, right?


  1. Katie, call Dr. Holman's office on Monday and get him an appointment for while you are here. :-D

  2. Get Evan an appointment. (I'm sure you knew that was what I meant.:)

  3. When did that baby starting sitting up? Don't let him do ANYTHING else until after he comes here. He is growing way too fast!

  4. Your kids are so awesome! Can't wait for you all to get out here. Hopefully I'll have some time to hang out.

  5. CUTE!!!! Loving that Evan was 'eating his weight in wrapping paper''s the simple joys, isn't it?!?!

  6. Kate have you thought of taking Evan to a pediatrician? I love all the Christmas doings and eatings and all. I wonder where Jonah gets the "weird" from? Anybody in your family? Just teasin.

    What your saying about the baby is worrisome sounds like he needs a baby MRI of that neck.