Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Pie

Today I made a mince pie on order for a person who needs a potluck contribution tomorrow. I used some pear mincemeat that I had canned, and added lots of walnuts. When I got done with the ordered pie, I had a little filling left over along with scraps of crust from Thanksgiving pies. So I made a little free-form pie for us. I let Jonah brush on the egg and sprinkle sugar on top. He was a bit heavy-handed with the sugar, but that's forgivable, I guess. He kept asking when we could eat it, so I told him he could have some after we got home from church tonight. We enjoyed our little slices of mince pie after our Advent service. Jonah called it "Advent pie". It was so yummy, I may have to make it again. I think this is how traditions begin...