Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things to Come

Yesterday, a neighboring farmer offered Jonah a ride on his tractor as he cut hay in the field across the road from us. That made this little boy's day, of course! (Especially since Daddy went, too!)

Today, I caught Jonah telling his little brother aaaaall about it, and he made sure to mention how much fun it will be when Evan can go, too.

"But make sure you hold on tight so you don't fall off!" he said.


  1. Wasn't Jonah afraid of tractors before? Must have gotten over it.

  2. Yeah, he's gotten better about it. I have faith that he will indeed ride the Moline.

  3. You know I have never met your son but I swear to you I really love that boy--he has a heart better than gold.

    Adorable picture! Little son is growing quickly!!