Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunshine Medicine

No matter how rugged your night was, no matter how little sleep you got, how late you got to bed, how many times you were up, or how early your wake up call, sing this song, and I guarantee you will feel better. I know you don't feel like singing it, I know you're tired and crabby. But do it anyway. It'll help. I promise.

(It also helps if you have the encouragement of a six-week-old's grins and a five-year-old's giggles.)


  1. Love. It. !!

    Made me smile (and tear up.)

    You, my dear, are the keeper of our family moments.

  2. How could I possibly forget such a mainstay of my childhood?

    However, until I became a mother, I never realized how vital that song is for early-morning morale.

  3. I think the new generation should add the tap dancing. :-D

  4. now that is a workout and how bout those periwinkle blue tap shoes!!!