Thursday, August 26, 2010


Jonah has been pestering me aaaaaalllllll daaaaaaayyyyyy about watching a movie. No, we are not watching movies right after breakfast. No, we're not watching a movie at 10:30. No, we're not... stop asking me already. I just get so tired of answering this question. So I made a new rule. You get to ask once. I'll say yes, no, or wait. (Usually "wait" since this starts first thing in the morning and I don't want to say an outright "no" right away since I never know what the day will bring and I may need him to watch a movie later.) After that, if you ask again, the answer is, most assuredly, no.

So I told him after lunch that "when Evan is sleeping and I am ready to lie down a while, then you can watch a movie. But if you ask again, the answer is no." To which he replied, "Yes, okay, uh-huh, alright, Mommy."

Half an hour later, he comes to me with a sweetly concerned look and says:

"Oh, Mommy, you look soooo tired. You really should take a nap..."


  1. Kids.... you gotta love them. So did you take a nap?

  2. sounds like a 5 yr. old to me... I had to reflect on that... My standard answer to that question is "" They get SO excited now over an "we'll see" that it almost makes me laugh. BUT (and I know it's a bribe) at the idea they MIGHT get to watch a movie they somehow become so much more cooperative. But I gotta day it really hard not to laugh when they are so careful to not "ask again" but somehow try to remind you what you said to make absolutely sure you didn't forget :)

  3. PS I just noticed on you "when I grow up I wanna be" (your bio) that you need to update it.