Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looking for the Funny

I am tired and achy and mopey. Months of unending back and hip aches are now steadily wearing down my morale. I know the end is in sight, but these days are the longest ever. All I can think about is how much I'd love to serve an eviction notice to the Little Inhabitant. I've also not been able to do anything. Physically, everything is difficult, and whatever I do undertake (with much left undone), I seem to screw up. In the last few days, I've botched batches of bread, yogurt, goat cheese, and creme brulee, to say nothing of supper each night.

I guess I'm just distracted and out of sorts. I'm not good at looking on the bright side, but I'm gonna make an effort in order to try not to be such a whiney blogger. (Ooops, I think I just failed in my first paragraph...)


Jonah likes to "play" with the baby, and I find this so endearing and hilarious that I'm so excited for them to play together as they grow up. He loves to feel the baby rolling around and wiggling, but he's always disappointed if the baby is not awake and active whenever he happens to put his hands on my belly (it's kinda surprising that ever happens, though, cuz this baby is wiggly!).

So his favorite "wake up the baby to play" trick? Blow a raspberry. He puts his hands on the upper part of my belly and blows a raspberry near my belly button and sure enough, every time, the baby stretches out and jumps around. Then Jonah giggles maniacally and does it again. They go on like this as long as I let them. (Not a big fan of the slobbery belly...) Of course I like to imagine that it's a delightful game for the baby as well as for Jonah, though in reality, s/he is probably just trying to figure out where that strange noise is coming from.


Jonah has a habit of playing with and breaking my hairclips. You know those plastic claw cips... they're kinda cheap and flimsy. Yes, I do leave them lying around where he can get them because I'm a slob that way, but he's also been known to go get one out of the "hair stuff basket" when he needs something to serve as a construction crane or whatever else. But it drives me nuts to be looking for my favorite clip and then find it in pieces and then have to wait a few weeks until I get to the store again to buy a new one and then spending more money on cheap plastic hairclips. So now there's a rule, "Absolutely No Playing With Mommy's Hair Clips".

This morning he had one, and Nathan told him he couldn't play with it. Jonah threw a fit, of course, but we stuck to our guns. After Daddy left for work, Jonah tried negotiating with me.

"I promise I will be careful and won't break it!" I reiterated to policy and told him not to ask again.

A few minutes later-- "When we rise from the dead can I play with it?"

"Um... what?"

"On the Last Day. Can I play with your hairclips then?"


And then there's this.

Someone gave Jonah some old containers of bubbles.

These things are older than me. Not much, but they are. This one says 1980 on it.

The little kids on the labels are cute and soooo dated-looking.

These are vintage bubbles, people.

Two things crack me up about these, though.

The big bottle has a little indented slot in the plastic with the words "Have adult cut here to make bank."

A bank? For reals? That is just... not what I would have thought of when I see a bottle of bubbles. After the bubbles are used up, you can drop pennies into it and for the next several years have an old plastic bubble bottle full of pennies floating around your house. Oh, just what I always wanted...

Maybe it was their way of recycling back then.

But they needed it to combat this:


Yes, Chemtoy. Can you even think of a worse name for a toy company? I guess chemicals were cool waaay back then. Now with all our "green" companies and safety regulations, a name like "Chemtoy" would never fly. I'm sure the ingredients and plastic composition are exactly the same now as they were then, but the name? Aiee.


There. That's my list of Moderately Funny For Today. I feel slightly cheered, I think. Now maybe I'll be able to avoid crying into a cup of tea and can read Jonah a book, instead. Or take a nap.

Um, heard any good jokes lately? (I'll take distracting book recommendations as well...)


  1. Precious post about Jonah and the baby.
    Baby will be here soon. And then you'll forget (hopefully) all the aches and pains. God was so smart to make babies so cute, because it helps you forget what went before.

  2. Such a precious post. I love the way Jonah thinks. Pretty soon you little inhabitant will be out and they can really greet each other, such joy is coming. i've been messing up in the kitchen lately too and I have no excuse.

  3. when we rise from the dead... hahahaha.. oh I needed that laugh.. good grief!