Sunday, July 25, 2010

And So It Begins

My garden is getting away from me.

I went out and "found" my cucumber plants among all the weeds.

Aaaaand they're huge. Gigantic. Enormous. Much bigger than I would normally use. Grrr.

Shoulda been picked a week ago.



  1. I'm so tired of canning that I pulled up my plants and chucked them. I have been working my keester off. You have been busy with a newborn baby. You do need time for your body to recover. It's just a bucket of cukes. I had one that thought it was part watermelon. If you want a recipe for overgrown cucumber pickles I've got one. It's not lacto fermentation it's vinegar and sugar.

  2. actually you have it! In the Danish Kitchens book. The recipe for pickles, requires you to halve them seed them and cut them into "tongues" I rather prefer to call them boats or something. The recipe works fine with a big cucumber. The recipe has ginger in it and they are such good pickles. Super uber tasty with liver pate and dark bread.

  3. Oh- I know this frustration. Just go gaze at that baby a while...I'm sure it will melt away : )!

    And just so you know- my Texas garden is done. I'm sick of it.

  4. Well, gracious woman! It's not like you have anything ELSE eating up your time, attention, and resources. Cucumbers come first!!

    That's one sweet baby boy you have there. If he's your only major accomplishment all summer, you'll have done more than is required. Congratulations!

  5. can them sliced (or ferment them as the case may be)