Sunday, November 1, 2009

Old Fashioned

No, it's not sitting there as a rusty relic of the past. It's sitting there in that hay field because it was just recently used.

I just love this neighborhood.

(ETA: Dad suggested that I mention this machine's use. The Amish around here pull it around a hay field with horses for loading their hay wagons. You'd be amazed at how fast they can clear a field, as well as how much hay they can get on a wagon!)


  1. And you SHOULD love that neighborhood! What a great picture! C

  2. Katie, you should explain what that is used for. As a very young boy I remember one being used by a farmer down the road.

  3. Well, well, I have loaded hay with one of these. It is nice to see that one is operational. One of the mates to this in the early tractor days was the buck rake. Oh no, I'm not that old - I just started working young. Thanks for the memory - Bill

  4. Bill-- Glad you enjoyed the picture! Funny you should mention the rake. It was sitting nearby as well.