Thursday, May 14, 2009

Suppertime Conversation

Nathan, notices flies buzzing around: "Hm. I think it's about time to put up some flystrips."

Me, glancing at kitchen door wide open to let in fresh air and glorious sunshine: "Hm. Yeah. And some screen doors."

N: "Okay. Look, I'll put up one screen door if you will take care of the flystrips for the summer."

M: "Hey! No fair! You put up both screen doors, and I'll take care of the fly strips."

N: "Two screen doors for flystrips? That's not very even!"

M: "Sure! It's like a half-hour of work for you, but I have to do flystrips for the whole summer!"

N: "Yeah, that's like ten seconds of work at a time!"

M: "But I have to remember them all summer. I have to think of it. Not that easy. I have a lot in my head you know."

N, pauses, considers tasteless remark, wisely reconsiders: "Fine. I'll put them up. But you had better keep up on those flystrips!"

M: "Yeah, yeah. Hey, what, are we one of those "modern" marriages now? Where we divvy up all the work so that it's exactly even?"

N: "Oh, yeah, right. That's it."

M: "Okay. I will... do the dishes if you will... let me sweep the floor."

N: "Ha. Sounds great."

M: "And YOU can... mow the lawn and I will... let you till the garden."

N: "Har, har. You think you're SOOO funny..."


  1. Forget the fly strips. You need the bag 'o water traps. They work so great and catch millions and they aren't ugly hanging in your house.