Friday, May 8, 2009

Real Food for Mother and Baby

I know, I know-- two posts in a row about giveaways... but this one is WAY to good to pass up! This book has been on my reading list and if I don't win a copy (and I never do...), I might have to splurge for it.

When Jonah was a baby, I knew there were problems with modern dietary assvice for pregnant and nursing mommas and their babies. I just didn't know where to find the right info... I basically followed a Nourishing Traditions diet for myself, but I really had no idea of the best way to start Jonah on solid foods. There was no way I was going to follow the standard "processed cereal and jarred baby food" prescription. But I had to do a lot of searching around to find out what to do. As it was, he had a really hard time eating food until he was about 14 months old. Before that, we battled eczema and constipation and a runny nose while I fooled around trying to figure out what to feed him!

How I wish I had had this book available! Nina Planck is a well-known author and activist on a crusade for real food. I just can't wait to read her latest book, Real Food for Mother and Baby. In honor of Mother's Day, Anne Marie over at Cheeseslave is giving away three copies! I'm going over there to enter right now!


  1. Umm, fyi, it's not Ecxema it's Eczema, not an X but a Z. ^_^