Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring Dreams

I love spring. Everything is green and bursting with floral decadence.

Sometimes, when I'm in my yard admiring what few flowers I am blessed with and thanking the Lord for a reprieve from the cold misery of the last six months, and I look around in just such a way, at just such an angle...

...I can almost imagine that my gardens might look more like a beautiful, manicured court-yard garden...

Just like that, I am strolling through in glorious sunshine, admiring the fresh spring blooms.

Then I catch myself and run back inside to don a lovely, ephemeral and high-waisted number like this:

Thus properly attired, I return to my reverie.

As I stoop to inhale the perfume of some heavily scented lilacs...

...I happen to glance from the corner of my eye and see a person in the distance.

My heart catches in my throat...

Can it be? Is it really him?

Why... yes...

I quickly smooth my dress and pull my shawl a little closer over my shoulders.

I take a few breaths in a futile attempt to calm my pounding heart...

He approaches as I adjust my bonnet.

It is him. My own dear Mr. Darcy Nathan.

He greets me politely, "How do you do..."

No, wait. Scratch that. As this is a revisionist fantasy and I've always preferred Colonel Brandon...

There. That's better.

Now, where were we? Oh, yes...

He greets me with a polite bow and I answer with a modest curtsy. We speak of pleasantries, somewhat tensely as we maintain our sense of propriety, and stroll off to tour the gardens together, dreaming of our future...


  1. Oh my goodness! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. This is so hilarious.
    And the girl in the dress is you, too! (Anne?)


  3. Okay
    So I was going to dismiss this post under the "please shut up" category. Then I saw Nathan photoshopped. And then I almost died. Then I did die. Then I was alive again, just because Nathan was so funny that I had to laugh again.
    Now, somehow, I ended up hooked to cardio-electro paddles and a shot of epinephrine. Anyway, the point is-
    Keep up the good work.

    Oh me funny bone.

  4. Most unique post. Spring has arrived and your garden is lovely! The formal garden not so appealing for a home, the photo shopping for the husband, is something I simply must learn. Sam Elliot for me.

    Happy Mothers Day!