Monday, March 16, 2009


"Say, now... what do you suppose those funny-lookin' birds are lookin' at?"

"No matter... I think this is a good time for a nap..."

"Get a drink..."

"And take another nap."

"Ahhh... this is the life, ain't it, girls?"

"It surely is... wanna take another nap?"

"Well, just think... we have all we could want. They built us a place to live, we have all we can eat, and can nap as much as we want."

"Speaking of nap... how about finding a cozy spot?"

"Sounds like a good plan."

"Or, I know! We could take a nap here on these warm rocks!"

"Sure! And then we can have a little swim and clean off more of the mud from that dirty place we used to live in. And then... well, then we can have another nap."


  1. send it forward please

  2. Dude, adf, for real man- that is exactly what I'm sayin'! Guy knows how to sum it up.

    I do disagree with 服務優良,絕不亂搞. I mean, it's just my thoughts. You're entitled to your opinion and everything. I just think that 款式多樣替棒球隊加油吧. You know what I mean, bro?

    Besides, 工具很好用的, 又便宜又好用!!!

  3. AH... you got rid of that cool comment. Now I look crazy.


    I hadn't seen yours. You must have been working on your comment when I deleted the weird one.

    Wise man once say: Be careful what you say in unknown eastern fonts...