Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Wait 'Till He Learns to Read...

We like to be silly. Being silly keeps away The Crazy. Or, well... maybe it encourages it. I'm not sure, but it works.

While waiting for supper to finish cooking, I somehow got started singing a silly song to Jonah. You know the one; where you take a person's name and then change it like this: Jonah, Jonah bo bonah, banana fanana fo fonah, mo me mi mo monah, Jonah! Of course, he thought this was hilarious, and started suggesting other things.

Daddy! Daddy, daddy, bo baddy, banana fanana fo faddy, mo me mi mo maddy, Daddy!

Mommy! Mommy, mommy, bo bommy, banana fanna...

Um... Chicken! Chicken, chicken, bo bicken...

Rabbit! Rabbit, rabbit, bo babbit...

And on and on, naming more animals. (Word to the wise. Do not try this with "duck". It... just doesn't quite work.)




Huh... whaaaaa?

Elephant seal!

Umbrella bird!

Aiee. I'm raising a nerd.


  1. yes! to raising a nerd, that is!

    my uncle's name is chuck and we always thought it was hilarious to sing this as loud as we could. when we'd get really close to the, well you know what part, my mom would freak. we had no idea why, but we thought it was great!