Monday, March 30, 2009


Today I was in town for a co-op order. Nathan called me and said that he had seen an ad in the local ad-paper for raspberry plants and he suggested that I pick up a copy at the gas station and check them out.

So I did. And I ended up with 20-some mature raspberry plants for 15 bucks!


And then I had to get them all in the ground. Aiee.

I had all my usual garden helpers...

...but somehow it was still awfully slow going...

And just when I thought I was gonna be out there all night, my wonderful husband showed up to dig holes for me. Yet another great reason to keep a man around this place.

The planting went much faster together and we had a pleasant time working side-by-side. That is, after I arm-wrestled him out of some of his carefully protected "driveway" area which also happens to be prime sunshine real estate on our little one acre parcel.

So I'm very happy to have the beginnings of a beautiful raspberry plot. I can almost taste the berries now...


  1. I need to send you a picture of how the L. neighbors support their raspberries. It's really affective and the picking is easy. Keeps 'em all in control.


  2. Woohoo! Score! Enjoy those raspberries!