Monday, December 1, 2008



  1. Get that kid out of the midwest and onto Mt Hood. Uncle Kris will hook up a snowboard setup.

    I guess there is always Mt Holly

  2. Ha!
    I have actually skied on "Mt. Holly" many times. How do you know about it? "Mt. Holly" is an extremely large pile of dirt with a snow machine on top. That's it.

  3. Mt. Holly. I've read things. I've heard things. My bros in Tahoe from Michigan have the article from Sowboarder Magazine (when it was featured) taped to their fridge.

    And to be correct, I believe it's an old landfill- not just a dirtpile.

  4. Yes, I know. Dirt covering a pile of garbage. That is more accurate but doesn't make the skiing/boarding any better. But when you are from the flatland and don't know or have anything else you put up with it.

    Snowboarder Magazine must have been having a slow news season.

  5. Nah- it was definitely a "look at this terrible worthless place to snowboard" type article