Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ode in Couplets

Oh, water softener, water softener,
Why can't you just work... oftener?

You gave us a wonderful week!
Your praises I often did speak!

But with a devious wink
You went back on the blink.

"Call company" you say
But we don't want to pay!

I went in for a shower
My soap, it lacked power.

My laundry is rusty,
The dishwater's musty.

And orange is the bowl of my toilet--
Oh! How I just knew you'd spoil it!

I should send you to scrap!
You're nothing but crap!

So I'm throwing a fit
You big piece of... garbage.


  1. "You big piece of ... garbage."

    I laughed so loud I woke one of the toddlers. That's okay, he was starting to stir, anyway.

    Sorry to hear the softener's on the fritz, though. Maybe someone will give you a new one for Christmas? (Now THAT'S a gift to thrill a woman...)

  2. Wow, that was hilarious. Nice work.

    So can a water softener be bought/shipped online? If so, you score one for Christmas...

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