Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rainy Day Morning Glory

I spend WAY too much time on the computer. Yes, a good portion of it is legitimate, as I'm doing some web design and graphic work. And due to my inexperience (and mild OCD) this is fairly time consuming. And I read some blogs, and do coughMySpacecough. And I help moderate a Yahoo! group. Oh, and I blog. And I do some of research of various subjects. (As an aside, it occurred to me recently that a set of encyclopedias used to be considered essential for homes with school-age children. People took pride in their sets, and spent a lot of time paying them off. And if you didn't own one, you went to a library to do research. I do remember, albeit vaguely, using my school's encyclopedia set for research papers... So I wonder, what has Google done to the encyclopedia industry? I would never dream of buying a set now.)

Anyway, I was feeling guilty this morning as I checked my e-mail. Jonah was bouncing around, bored and making tremendous messes.

"I know! I said, let's clean up all these messes, and then we can make muffins together!"


"Okay, start picking up these blocks!"

"No, I don't want to."

So the clean-up part took a little coaxing.

But soon we were on our way. I decided on one of my all-time favorites, Morning Glory Muffins. (There a million different recipes, such that you can't even tell they're the same muffin, but the one I linked is similar to mine, except it called for zuccini, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, none of which I have right now. Basically, it's a super-chunky muffin full of stuff.)

Jonah measured and stirred. I reminded him to try to keep it in the bowl...

I thought this might be a good lesson in patience for him, as he's really into instant-gratification lately. Turned out to be more my lesson then his, but isn't that the way it goes?

Excuse the despicable state of my table. You'd think I could tidy up a bit before I show it to the whole internet. Sheesh.

He really loves the little tiny muffins. And he's completely random about the order that he puts the paper cups in the pans. I realized that I always do them in rows (for efficiency?), and it never eve occurs to him! Then he would point and tell me which one to fill next, also a completely random order.

And when the timer went off, "The muffins uh done!! The muffins uh done!"

He tested them with his toothpick, but it didn't take him long to taste-test one (and another, and another, and...)

And here I am on the computer again, and he's playing in the kitchen sink again... Aiee.

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