Friday, May 7, 2010

And He Turned 5

My sweet little baby boy turned 5 yesterday.

What? He's not a baby anymore? Huh. I thought he was, just a couple days or so ago...

Anyway, he's 5.

And we had a party, of course. Birthday parties are fun. And... tiring. I'm really tired.

(Please excuse the poor photos in this post. Of all things, you'd think a birthday party would be an important event for decent photography, but action shots in low light are NOT my forte.)

As is fitting for a 5th birthday, enormous volumes of spaghetti were consumed by all.

Jonah had requested a solar system cake, and I gave it my best shot. It may not be perfectly neat (piping all that frosting made my well-built, goat-milking hand ache), but I think it was a pretty fun cake!

I made him name all the planets before they were eaten.

Jonah told his Oma and Opa on the phone "Hi! I'm five and I had a solar system! Okay, bye, I gotta go open presents!"

The other kids made Jonah a birthday crown and a beard, because, of course, he's old.

Heh. Clever, I thought.

Jonah had lots of help opening presents, of course.

But the best part is the help opening all those pesky anti-theft packages! I didn't have to touch a single one this time.

The aftermath this morning is intense, and I haven't even bothered to think about cleaning up yet. I will. As soon as I pry my butt off this couch.

One thing I'm grateful for is that I can go on light-entertainment duty since Jonah has lots to keep him occupied... making the knights from Grandma duke it out on castle turrets.

Except I'm being required to answer a whole heap of knight questions.

Oh, and by the way, we did get the Lego plane finished. (Though, I generally avoid toys that involve me playing with them, I made an exception... just this once.)


  1. Awesome party!
    FABulous cake!

    I can't believe he's still wearing the buckskin outfit. It's probably his last year.

    It's a good thing you got a baby waiting in the wings. He's sure not little any more.

    Wish I'd been there too!

  2. Clearly, you did not get the memo about Pluto...

  3. Hahaha... Not according to folks who know more than us.