Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ensemble necessary for milking goats and locking up chickens tonight:

Two layers of pants
Two layers of socks, the top being wool
A tank top
A long-sleeved tee
A fleece hoodie
(And that's just what I've been wearing in the house all day, exchanging the wool socks for slippers...)
A warm hat and the hood
Warm boots
Scarf, wrapped three times

For putting Jonah to bed:

A hot shower
Fleece footie pajamas
Six layers of blankets
Thick wool blanket on top, tucked in by the wall to keep it in place

On our bed:

Flannel sheets
Four blankets
Down comforter
And I'm reeeeeally missing my metal hot water "bottle" that I brought from Switzerland. It corroded a hole in the bottom from so much time sitting on the woodstove before bedtime last year. There's just nothing like a burning hot container of water at your feet in a freezing bedroom...


  1. If it's any consolation, we are freezing our tooties around here too. I'm currently wearing three pairs of socks and two shirts with hooded sweatshirt too! I had to send your brother out to get "better" wood. Once we had the pine cooking it got a little more tolerable in here.

    Poor Kristin is braving it out in the barn at night. He asked for the Swiss bottle too and Lyss said it also has a corroded hole! I didn't know they did that! There's something they didn't tell us in Switzerland...

  2. Hoohoo, I know what to send KT! It won't get there for Christmas, but I'll find you one before winter's through.