Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'd Like You to Meet...


Isn't she lovely?

I actually bought her over a month ago, but a dear friend of mine has been boarding her and enjoying her sweet milk while we got our fences finished. Nathan got the fence in good shape yesterday, so I brought her home!

She's not too sure about her new home... fact, so far, she'll only eat if I'm standing nearby. The rest of the time, she stands at the gate and yells for me to come back. She very co-dependent and a little insecure... But I think it's kinda sweet.

She's certainly not lacking in food. Nathan fenced a big brushy area for her to eat down. Goats prefer brush to all other food. And she's not actually alone. I borrowed a little goat to keep her company until I find another doe. (Not as easy a task as I had hoped...) But this little borrowed goat (Fact: he's named "Phantom" because he's so ugly (in a cute sort of way) that it seems like he needs a mask.) is of the masculine sort, and sometimes a girl just needs the company of another girl.

So she's been a little pensive....

...eager for company...

...and completely lovable.


  1. awww, she's very pretty. we are hoping to get a pair of does this year also. So nice you got one in milk, too.

  2. awhh your so blessed to live the country life. My husbands first true love was a goat, he was a little boy then, living on a farm.