Monday, July 27, 2009

Be Happy, America!

I just came across this article on Natural News about the top 10 reasons to be happy about the coming financial demise of the United States. Now, I usually take anything I read at that website with a grain (or ten) of salt since it leans pretty heavily toward New Age/godlessness and vegetarianism (which I do not believe to be a truly healthy and balanced diet). But this article has to be the best take on the economy that I've ever read. Not sure if it's really reasonable, but it sure is a fun and positive thought!

For example, I really like #4:

Good News Item #4) When the U.S. government goes bankrupt, so will the FDA! And that means an end to the tyranny and oppression against the natural health industry. Remember this: U.S. government employees are but one paycheck away from disloyalty. There's a whole universe of knowledge about natural remedies just bursting to emerge once the heavy hand of oppression is lifted.

As well as #6:

Good News Item #6) The financial demise of the U.S. government will bring down Big Pharma, too, resulting in a new age of natural health remedies becoming more readily available across North America. Why is this the case? Because Big Pharma relies primarily on government revenues to stay in business, and once Big Government goes broke, Big Pharma will have no easy way to extract revenues directly from the people. They only get away with it now because they can lobby Washington to steal taxpayers' dollars and transfer them to drug companies.

Now that's the way to look at it!


  1. Yes,that's one way to look at it. Inventing a bright side that may or may not happen. Somehow I don't think that "a new age of natural health remedies becoming more readily available across North America" is really what would happen because people are too dependent and expect their problems to get solved. Maybe local herbalists and the like will spring up though if we go back to the way of the old days.

  2. Dad told me once that nothing unplanned will happen, and that when the time is right, America will be in such bad shape that we'll beg for totalitarian cradle to grave "protection"- thus, naturalists and separatists will never actually have a chance.

    But that's just depressing.

  3. Yeah, but Dad also says that "Man proposes and God disposes."

    I'm not saying that the above scenario will happen --it probably won't-- but it's a more exciting way to look at things as opposed to the "gloom and doom" we seem to prefer. And God is actually in control and will work it all for our good, even if it doesn't seem that was to us.