Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On Having Babies and Shooting Deer

Jonah, getting jammies on: "Look! I have a BIIIIG tummy! There will be babies in it soon!"

Me: "Nooo... only Mommies get babies in their tummies."

J: "But I'm gonna be a Mommy!"

M: "No, boys grow up to be Daddies. Girls grow up to be Mommies, and only Mommies get babies in their tummies."

J: "But I'm a girl!"

M: "No, God made you a boy. When you came out of my tummy, I said, 'We have a little boy!' and it was you! You're going to grow up into a big man! You will be able to do all the things that Daddy does!"

J: "Yeah, I'm gonna shoot guns!"

M: "Sure... when you're big."

J: "And Daddy will dress the deer!"

M: "No sir. If you shoot it, you will have to dress it."

J: "But Daddy has to do it!"

M: "Daddy will help you dress the deer."

J: "Yeah, together, me and Daddy will dress the deer."

M: "Okay. Now you need to go potty so you can go to bed."

J, puts his feet in my slippers and starts off toward the bathroom: "Haha! Now I'm like a Mommy!"

M: "Hmmm... oh, yeah? How's that?"

J: "Good."


  1. How's that?

    Well, somehow I laughed at it. Not really sure why, but I laughed. I guess that's my favorite type of humor- the kind I only kinda get.

  2. How sweet! I had a good laugh at this. :)