Monday, April 20, 2009


It's so hard to get a good family picture...

Oh, the glare! Too bad I can't be in the picture and taking it...

And then there's this problem:

Aw... two outta three...

Um... and 0 for 3.

What can I say? We're crooked-smile kind of people.

Ya know, I really should get those glasses fixed. I bent them when I hit myself in the face with a broom-handle. Yeeeeah. Like two years ago.

This will have to be the best out of the bunch this time--


  1. Debbie sent me these too. Glad to see you post them.

    Nathan is hanging out with those Amish guys a bit much. All he needs is a straw hat and they'll let him preach to them!

    And ah, it's okay to show your teeth, Nathan!

  2. I like them. I like the one where you hair is blowing a little, real people, real faces, real, smiles, real cool...