Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Day, Another... Pile of Dishes

You know, when I was a kid, my parents had that song, "Another Day, Another Dollar" on a tape (yeah, tape, remember those?). I didn't know it was the word "dollar" and I thought it was "daughter". For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what it meant. My little 9 year old brain just couldn't comprehend. "What does it mean?" I would wonder. "What about a 'daughter' every day? What does that man do all day?" I just didn't get it.

I don't really know what that had to do with anything at all.

Anyway, I've been canning pears all day. Okay, since lunch-time. I ended up with 16 quarts, which really doesn't seem like all that much considering how long it took me. The pears were small, and I was working by myself... Oh, and it would have been 20 quarts if I hadn't had four jars break in the canner. Three in the first load! *Pop, pop, pop* and three were broken. I growled and howled and kicked a chair. Not my finest moment. Look, I'm a little hormonal, okay?

This is part of the kitchen mess that ensued (and is still waiting for me as I write this).

On the counter there, that's the beginnings of supper. I found some hummus and pitas in the freezer from the last time I made those things. I made some garlicky Tzatziki and boiled some corn-on-the-cob and took some fermented things out of the fridge. I threw it all on the table and called it supper. It was yummy, even without meat for my poor, wood-chopping-all-day husband.

With all the canning I've had going lately (all by my poor, lonesome, batty self), Pandora has been my best friend for internet radio. Love it. Sometimes it's a little weird though... Today, I typed in "Jack Johnson" (play the Banana Pancake song!!!) and got mostly Bob Marley. Whatever. It keeps my brain from going bonkers.

I have to turn the volume up really loud in order to hear it in the kitchen. Nathan just shakes his head and reminds me not to blow the speakers. Sorry, "speaker" since there only one left functioning.


It wasn't me.

Anyway... I still seem to have an awful lot of pears left. All these ripe ones on the table, plus bagfuls of green ones in the fridge.

I do love pears. One of my favorite fruits, they are. Just a lot of work. I'm crabby about work, lately. I need to get a better attitude. I am very thankful, I just need a better attitude.

Anybody got one to spare?


  1. Look at those BEAUTIFUL countertops! And the cabinets! The red and yellow - so pretty!

    When are you gonna do that Kitchen Reveal, huh?

    And those pears!

    I'm jealous.

  2. Oooyyyyyyyyy, I never seem to have time to read your blog anymore. *bad*

    Banana Pancakes is one of thee best Jack Johnson songs. *love it*

  3. I wish we actually knew each other so I could help you can :) I canned with a freind this summer too and made nectarine jam, plum jam, strawberry jam, and peach jam, we also made peach jalapeno jam and got peaches ready for pie but.....I WANT PEARS!!! We could trade?

  4. Mmm... Peach jalapeno jam! Sounds yummy!

    Yes, it is always so much more fun to can with someone else. Two people get the canning done three times as fast as one. Canning along gets to be a drag after a while...