Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I just love looking over the history on this blog.  It's just about six years now that I've been posting snippets of our life here.  Reading back through it is just so fun!  It's all the scrapbooks and photo albums of our family that I don't actually make.

(I really wish there were some way to easily transmute this all into a print book that I can keep for my children to see later.  That would sure be a special book.)

The question now is:  can I keep going?

I seem to have lost my momentum... I can use the "busy" excuse, and it's certainly true, but I have time for what I make time for, right?

One post last month, two each of the months before...  It's a new low, really.  I haven't posted a single thing about Christmas.  Compared to almost 300 posts in the first year, 38 over the last is a little pathetic.  Does it matter?  I really don't know.  It's like the saying that the older kids are photographed more than the younger.  That certainly seems to be true.  It's like the complete baby book that I have for Jonah, the partial one for Evan, and the, um, NO baby books for Andrew and Eleanor.  I know they will love to have them, if I can ever get to them, and just what are my priorities, again?

So I'm trying to decide whether to keep this blog going, or just let it go.  Do I still love it?  Is it worth it?  Am I over it?  I really loved posting here for the first few years --it's been such a great creative outlet-- but I feel like it's turning into a chore.  But I do so love having this little family history like this.  But do I still want it to be public?  But if it isn't, will I even bother?  In general, dealing with photos and keeping records are grueling chores for me anyway, and that is all this blog has turned into.  I used to really love the funny and creative things I used to write here.  It's turned into just an occasional journaling of our life and times.  I feel like my "funny" and "creative" has been broken by "crazy" and "depleted".  Maybe it's not gone, maybe this is just not the time.   I hate to be a quitter, though.  Is "something" better than "nothing"?

In any case, I'm not sure than anyone even reads this anymore, considering the woeful lack of content.  If it's just family looking at this, isn't that why I have Facebook?

Anyway, these are the questions I've been pondering while I've been not posting anything.  Along with, you know, making and enjoying my little family Christmas, feeding growing little bodies and minds, and planning trips all over the country in the very near future.  Nathan just bought plane tickets to go to his Grandpa's funeral next week, and after he gets home we'll be preparing to leave for our Annual Epic Journey Across the Country.  These kiddos need to have a visit with their long-distance relations, but it means that the next six weeks are going to be freakishly crazy.

In the meantime, maybe I'll post some of it here, or maybe...


  1. Any little bit you give them will be a "treasure". Don't give up....:)

  2. I don't have Facebook, and I check your blog regularly

  3. I LOVE your blog Katie! When I see a new entry (which yes, they are few and far between now) I do a little 'yippee' to myself! I have been following your blog since 14th December 2008, I know this because I saved it to 'favourites' so that I could find you again, and so it always comes up on that page first.
    You must be so busy with your family, who I have seen grow from Jonah, to Evan, then Andrew and now Eleanor. I personally would be sad if you stopped altogether. I love reading your blog, about anything and everything, your lovely children, your cooking, your animals, whatever your write about, I enjoy.
    Happy New Year to you all xx

  4. I am a grandmother to 5 little ones spread around the country. I love reading your blog, seeing your pictures, I guess it's a little like hearing from my kids. I will continue to check and feel joy when I see you have posted a new message.
    I miss reading

  5. So- I haven't posted in months either. Maybe even most of the year. But I'm starting to get the itch again. I say just let it be what it is. For the days you feel like writing, it is there. For the days you don't , no worries. And can I say? For as sporadic as I am even reading blogs these days, I sure do like keeping up with you and your family!

  6. I read this because I miss Clayvessel's blog, and I say a prayer for her whenever I read about your kids 'cos I know she loves them too.