Sunday, January 5, 2014

Faux Gingerbread Houses

The thoughtful comments from my lovely loyal readers have convinced me to keep this little blog going such as it is and as much as I can.  I don't promise regular posting, but, as one reader said, it's here when I feel the urge to write.  And I like writing, when I can get to it.

We had a snow day today (and might have several after this by the looks of things).  It's quite a blizzard out there, so we're hunkered down waiting it out.  And tomorrow is Epiphany, so Christmas is coming to an end now.  I had all sorts of plans to do fun Christmas things (or, uh, I had plans to make plans... or something) with the kids for the 12 days of Christmas, but we've been sick and the weather has been bad, so regrettably, nothing has really happened.  But today the kids and I were snowed in alone (Nathan was fixing a horrible broken pipe mess at church) and we're feeling better (coughing and sniffling, but no longer miserable) so we  had some fun.

I even took all four of them outside to play in the snow.  Usually I kick them out the door and enjoy the quiet, but it was suggested to me by someone on facebook that perhaps my children don't stay out long to play because I'm not with them (duh), so I caved.  I got myself and my little ones bundled and we went out.  Even Eleanor go a snow suit, and she was fascinated to sit in the snow, until she tipped over.  Then she had to be held.  I helped the boys figure out how to sled on garbage bags (because, um, we don't have any sleds) and we started to dig a snowcave, and then the baby and two-year-old were done, so we trooped back in and made blueberry pancakes for lunch.

And no, I didn't take pictures, because I can barely manage the baby and two-year-old contingent in the snow.  The camera seems to be a bit too much.  Once again, lots of snow pictures of Jonah when he was little.... none of these guys.  Ah, well.

Jonah has been begging to make gingerbread houses for a month.  I have made gingerbread houses as a kid, and all I remember is how much I always regret starting the project once I'm half-way through it.  They never seem to turn out like they look in my head, and they have a way of falling down and getting lopsided andandand...

But I had a bit of inspiration the other day.  I realized that I had some chocolate graham crackers left from our summer s'more making and that they would make lovely houses, without all the work of making gingerbread house parts.

We also have piles of candy that came from the candy bags that are given out at church for Christmas Eve.  While it wasn't quite the usual candy that would be used for house decoration.... who cares?  The boys didn't know the difference and were quite creative with what we had on hand.

They had a great time, and it was pretty low-stress for me. Win-win!

Of course this was a nap-time project because I wouldn't dream of making gingerbread houses with Andrew at this point.  When he woke up from his nap, he sat in his new big-boy-bed (that we recently got out for him for the very purpose that he can get himself out of bed when he is done sleeping) and yelled for someone to come get him.  After a while I went up and asked him why he didn't come down by himself.

"I thtuck."  he said.


So that was our day.

And would someone please tell me how this baby is big enough to be standing up and playing with toys at a bench already?