Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Wittle, Itty-bitty Baby...

No, sorry, not that one.  This one. The big one.

My wittle, itty-bitty, biggest baby boy looks so growed up.

We finally got this kid an eye exam and it turns out, sadly enough, that his eyesight is worse than mine.  And mine sure ain't great.   He's only 8.  Being a precocious reader plus genetics not in his favor are not a good combination.

So now he's stuck with "speck-TACKles" as he calls them (is that hilarious, or what?  I can't bring myself to correct him.).

His amazing discovery of clear sight has been fraught with hilarity.  When we walked out of the eye doctor's office, he stopped dead in his tracks to look at the landscaping rocks.  Driving home all I heard was, "Mom! Look at that!  Mom!  Did you SEE that?  Whoa!  That's amazing!"  We've realized why he lost interest in star-gazing and looking for wildlife, why baseball has been a struggle for him, and why he sits so close to the danged screen when we watch movies.

I try not to think about what comes next.  If he's anything like his Daddy (and he is), his eyesight may continue to deteriorate for awhile as he grows.  Nathan was coke-bottle-boy at 12.  And then there's the very strong likelihood of broken/lost glasses.  Jonah is only 8, and he's very distractable.

But.  I am so glad he can see again.  Sight is a gift.

(And I had this thought: maybe this is just a teensy bit like what it will be like getting to heaven.  It'll be like getting glasses and seeing everything so clearly for the first time and exclaiming in wonder at everything around.  Truly, a gift.)


  1. Woo hoo! So glad he finally has them! I bet he remembers the feeling for the rest of his life. Poor guy, not knowing what he was missing. He'll probably have a huge intellectual growth spurt now.

  2. Oh my. Oh my oh my. He looks exactly like Nathan now. It was like... WHAM. NATHAN

    Also, I bet his spec TACKles is rather like specTACKular. It's SpecTACKular that he has specTACKles so he can see (TACKS).

    Sigh. I miss Donut.

  3. So happy for him! A whole new world.....

  4. Ditto me too and my first pair of glasses was in 3rd grade. My mama cried though when I was wowing over the leaves on the trees and all of the stuff I saw for the first time. Praise God for the wonderful technology of lenses these days. I don't think there are coke bottle bottoms anymore. He is a great kid. I read too and baseballs hit me in the face--didn't see them coming. I agree wholeheartedly with the last sentiment...that is bible talking there lady--for now we see as in a veiled glass dimly...but then we shall see Him as He is! YES!!!!

  5. My Son has recently got his first pair of spec TACKles aged 10! We were not aware of any problems until his teacher mentioned it but he (our Son) just said it was because the sun was shining on the white board and that was why he couldn't see properly. While we were in a supermarket I asked him to read (from a distance) one of the advertising boards that were hanging from the ceiling. He couldn't read it :-( I asked him to move one step forward and try again, and we did this until he could eventually see it. I made an appointment for an eye test and they confirmed he is short sighted :-( Neither I or his Dad are short sighted, and I have only just a year or so got my first ever pair of reading glasses (old age!) BUT he is a read-a-holic. He LOVES books and so I wonder if somehow that has caused it. It is lovely to know that he can see properly now though, and he looks really cute in his glasses, as does Jonah :-) xx

  6. You may already know this but I thought I'd share just in case. Our daughter (also 8) had horrible eyesight with rapidly deterioration. Our eye doctor prescribed corrective lenses that she wears only at night. They actually reshape the eye so that she doesn't have to wear glasses during the day. They also halt the deterioration as long as she continues to wear them. Not perfect but no more fear of coke bottle glasses by age 10. They don't work for all sight problems but I thought I'd share just in case. :)