Sunday, May 19, 2013

Boys in Blue

We're still baby-waiting around here.  (AURGH!)  But enough about that.

With a "few extra minutes" before we had to leave for church this morning (ah-hahahaha!  "Few extra minutes!"  Get it? It's a joke.  The pastor's wife should never be late for church.  And today, she was.)  I decided to take advantage of my boys' being in their Sunday Best for a quick photoshoot.  

Yeah, you can imagine how easy that actually was.  

Actually, it was pretty good and I ended up with some cute shots in the bunch.  Good thing I'm a fervent follower of the "spray'n'pray" theory of photography.

My handsome guys...


  1. What gorgeous boys you have! Great pictures too.

  2. Oh my goodness! They are so handsome!
    ps- good thing I'm just a youth pastor's wife...because I'm late every Sunday. And I live across the street from the church!!!

  3. love these pics and your right what a great family you have!!! You really have 3 babies now good thing Jonah is a big helper!