Saturday, May 11, 2013

About Andrew's Hat

We've had a week or more of warm, sunny, gorgeous days.  The little boys can't stand to stay in the house.  The doors are open and they're running in and out, digging in dirt and generally living it up.  It just doesn't get any better for my country boys.

Most of the time, they run out barefoot (and half-naked, as the case may be).  But Andrew is having a little trouble giving up some of the winter relics.  "Boo!  Boooooo!!"  he yells, even on the warmest days, begging for his boots and coat, because that is just What We Do Before Going Outside.

And that orange stocking cap.  It's adorable, really, and he seems to be very attached to it.  He keeps it on his head, no matter how hot he gets. I've offered him a baseball cap or a sunhat, but those simply won't do.  It has to be that orange hat.  Sometimes I'll see him take it off and wipe his brow, then he carries the hat around in his hand for a few minutes while his sweaty hair dries.  When we go someplace --the store, or maybe a friend's house-- he has to have it before we leave, and he keeps it with him the whole time, inside and out.

He's turning into a funny little toddler, and still just incredibly adorable.

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  1. Oh my goodness...Andrew couldn't be any cuter! Orange toboggan and all!!!!