Saturday, August 11, 2012

Not bothering to blog

Just a quick update to say to the internets that I am not dead, nor have I fallen into deep hole, crack, pit, abyss, fissure, chasm or other precipitous perforation.

My Mom was here for a week, which was wonderful, and during which time I obviously didn't bother to blog.  She left my youngest two brothers, ages 10 and 12,  here with me for the rest of the summer, which is also wonderful, and about which I have also not bothered to blog.  So now I have a little inspiration and photos on my camera for blogging, but my computer is out of commission, again.  The truth is that it has been limping a long time, but still quite usable, until one little brother inadvertently clicked something from someone he didn't know in his email and... well, we all know what happens then, don't we?  It's my own fault, really, for not issuing strenuous warnings of the dangers of email.  (Doesn't it seem like email should be quite safe, really?  Alas and alak.  It is not.)

So I am using Nathan's computer once in a while, but mostly I use my time more wisely (imagine that!) when I don't have the freedom to dink around my laptop.  Like reading a lot of Shakespeare for an online class I signed up for.  (What did I get myself into?)  And wait... I'm going to need my computer for that.  Shoot.  Sigh.

I've had a bad cold all week, which is not helping my household situation at all.  Peaches, beans, pickles, basil, cabbage and weeds... all will bury me if I don't get them taken care of, but I don't feeeeel like it.  It seems like I always get a bad cold (flu?) right at the beginning/middle of August, just as canning season is getting into full swing where I need to be doing something every day to keep up with it all.  And then, bam, sick on the couch for a week.  It's the only time all summer that I get sick.  What's up with that?

However!  I do have the rare treat of these minions servants slaves capable little brothers to boss around who help me a lot.  Peaches!  Cleaning!  Dishes!  Lawnmowing! Garden watering! Baby holding! They are eager and willing to help and I am amazed at how fast everything gets done with so many hands.  It's really fantastic.

So this week, I'm hoping to be on the mend and do some catching up.  But then... Nathan is going to be gone for four days and that means I will be "it".  ("You'll have your brothers to help!" Nathan said.  "I'll be by myself with five boys!" I said.)

For now, I'm off to get my busy little toddler to bed so I can spend the rest of the afternoon moaning on the couch doing laundry.  Perhaps I'll figure out a way to get some photos here, soon.


  1. your so busy I don't know how you bog or facebook or anything!!! So glad you have helpers that is a welcome addition.

  2. Darn. When I came here I was expecting to see some new photos of the latest activities. :-/

  3. Man, I could really use some hardworking little brothers around here. Too bad mine is 30 and has a whole family of his own. SELFISH!!!
    ps-Glad you're not dead.