Monday, April 11, 2011

Playing Catch-up

I've neglected you, yet again, and I'm sorry... But I'll make it up to you with some quick updates and unedited photos (because they're better than no photos!).  Because I love you, I'll do this for you.  See, when it comes to a contest between blogging and sleep, sleep mostly wins.  But not always.


In case you were wondering, yes, Strawberry did have her kids!  A buck and a doe (boy and girl, one of each!) around 3:00 in the morning.  Yeah, that was a long night.  Between goat kids and human kids, I didn't see much of my pillow.  I haven't made it out to the barn with my camera yet, but I hope to do that tomorrow, and will share pictures of the adorable new little cuties!

In other news, and speaking of adorable little cuties, we had our first spring day yesterday and we WENT OUTSIDE.

It was marvelous!

That. felt. good.

Much dirt was consumed.

We soaked it up, and it's a good thing because today it's been rainy.  That's also okay, it only takes one day of rain for the grass to suddenly green up, as I noticed (with great satisfaction) on my way home from town today.

I used the rainy day to drive to the nearest small city and take care of some errands.  There was a time when I would have enjoyed that, but not now.  A crabby baby who hangs on my pants and howls while we're in the fitting room (the whole store knew right where we were!) and then falls asleep on my shoulder in the fabric store (necessitating that I carry him around while pushing my cart and shopping for fabric...) just makes shopping less fun than it used to be.

Putting away groceries, however, is a lot MORE fun.  Why would I ever want to do it myself, again? 

At the fabric store, I scored some fabric for curtains for the office, which we just reorganized.  I don't have curtains in my house because fabric is just waywayway too expensive, and, well, priorities.  But I was determined to find something, Lord willing, and I pretty much based my choice on "the most fabric I can get for the least amount of money."  I ended up with some nice Waverly material, of suitable color, but far from what I had in mind.  I had wanted something a little less... stodgy... but for 15 bucks, it'll do.  I could easily have spent 60 (or, um, 100, "easy" being relative), and have liked the results better, but oh well. 

Hey, that's another thing I've been meaning to share... photos of our office project.  Hope you're on the edge of your seat, 'cause they're coming soon!  It was epic, people, epic.   For now, I'm off to bed.  Sleep is winning.

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