Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Which There Is Organizing

I just love having places to put things away!

This house has the strangest assortment of closets (or non-closets, because there about as useful as not having any at all).  There are three, upstairs, and they're all nearly useless.  Oddly shaped, poorly designed, lacking shelves, and downright weird.

I've been really needing a place to put away the totes of kids clothes and baby stuff that I'm storing. They have been stacked in one or both of a couple of bedrooms upstairs, moved back and forth as necessary.  I'm sick of moving them.  I'm also weary of digging through the pile to get to the tote I need, which is always on the bottom, despite my best planning.  And with the sudden explosion of growth in our family, I feel like I'm going to spend a fairly disproportionate amount of time sorting through these totes.  So I pestered and cajoled and finally, my dear husband tired of my whining and built me some shelves in one of the closets (the very weirdest one.)

He copied the ingenious design of an older pastor we used to know, now long since gone to his eternal reward.  These shelves are held in place by the weight of the stuff put on them, and they're amazingly sturdy.  Those things are not going anywhere, no matter how hard they're pulled on.

He used rough 2x4's and junk wood, because I was only interested in speed and utility and not looks, in this case.  We're talking about the farthest corner of the house, here.  I don't care what they look like.  I think they're awesome.

Evan helped, too.

No, really, he did.

Anyway, now I can Put Things Away!

I am thrilled!  I love it.  That awkward space is so much more useful now. 

Now to sort through and get rid of extra stuff up there that is not useful...  It feels so good to purge clutter.


  1. Awesome! They look great.
    I love plastic totes even though they cost money. Cardboard boxes or plastic bags just don't look as neat or last as long and aren't as easy to get into. So glad you are making progress.

  2. Wow! That looks great! I know it is a relief to have everything accessible.

  3. Really like Nathan's adaptation of the basic design. For books, 2x4s and wooden braces wouldn't work well. For totes, they are perfect.

  4. What a relief! Thank God for handy husbands. Hope you are feeling better and getting some more energy and rest too. Evan is just adorable.